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What Happens If My Child Doesn&#    ;t Go To The Orthodontist?

What Happens If My Child Doesn't Go To The Orthodontist?

Many parents believe evaluation and treatment by an orthodontist should not be scheduled until after a child has lost all of their baby teeth, usually in the preteen or early teenage years. In addition, some view orthodontics as a purely aesthetic treatment and often-desired but not truly necessary. However, most dental professionals recommend that parents…

Corrective Braces For An Overjet

Corrective Braces For An Overjet

Many of us have likely had or know someone who has had corrective braces for crooked or misaligned teeth. However, there are many more types of teeth-related issues that braces may treat.  Let’s examine how braces can be used to correct an alignment issue known as an overjet, including what exactly an overjet is, how it…

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