FAQs of Teledentistry

FAQs of Teledentistry from Orange Coast Orthodontics in Laguna Hills, CATeledentistry has become more popular since the COVID-19 lockdown in the United States. Teledentistry offers a way for orthodontists to continue providing orthodontic checkups and for patients to receive a diagnosis for any oral health concerns.

Important insights about teledentistry

Although many have heard of teledentistry, most are familiar with what it is. Those who could benefit from it often avoid a visit because they are afraid that they do not have the necessary equipment or are not a good candidate. It is helpful to understand the basics of teledentistry so you can make an informed decision about whether it is a good idea to schedule an appointment.

What is teledentistry?

Teledentistry involves diagnosing and educating patients through virtual services. Most teledentistry appointments take place through telecommunications applications such as Skype. The visit generally involves discussing symptoms with the orthodontist, possibly taking photos of the inside of the mouth and learning about ways to keep good oral hygiene until a safe and convenient time can be scheduled for an in-office visit.

What do I need for a teledentistry appointment?

The necessary equipment needed for a teledentistry appointment varies depending on the orthodontist and the purpose of the appointment. However, most orthodontists only require the patient to have a laptop, tablet or desktop computer with working audio and video and a camera. A smartphone camera is often enough for patients during a teledentistry appointment. Be sure to ask the orthodontist about what is required before the day of the visit.

Can my orthodontist diagnose me through teledentistry?

Dentists can diagnose patients through teledentistry. While some concerns, such as an impacted tooth, might be harder to determine through a virtual visit, many common issues can be detected during the appointment. These include tooth decay, worn enamel, gum disease, periodontitis, gum recession, the effects of grinding teeth, chips, cracks and signs that indicate an oral infection is likely. If the orthodontist determines that the patient has an orthodontic emergency, then they may arrange a time for the patient to come into the office for emergency orthodontic treatment.

Who is an ideal candidate for teledentistry?

Anyone who is concerned with their oral health due to minor symptoms that do not pose an immediate risk to their long-term oral health should consider the benefits of a teledentistry visit, especially if the person prefers to stay at home due to an illness. With that said, many orthodontists also recommend teledentistry appointments for patients who are in good oral health but are due for a checkup visit. To find out if you should schedule a teledentistry visit, get in touch with your local orthodontist.

Find out more about teledentistry today

Teledentistry has helped many get orthodontic advice and treatment without having to make changes to their schedule. If you are interested in scheduling a virtual visit or have more questions about teledentistry, then reach out to our friendly orthodontic team today via phone or email for more information.

Are you considering teledentistry in the Orange Coast Orthodontics area? Get more information at Orange Coast Orthodontics.

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